Samstag, 16. Februar 2013

she found the box lying under her grandmas bed when they clear her house. pulling it out from under the bed a cloud of dust came out. the box was filled up with old treasures. not jewelry or money or diamonds. there were pictures, old dry flowers, perfumed letters and a diary with spidery writings, written in a hury, written full of emotions that need to come out.  and on some pages there were marks of tears. under all these memories she found the old ballett shoes of her grandmother. finding this old box was somehow really exciting and awesome but somehow it was so sad and awful.

but i think, that's the thing with memories. we all love to keep them, to always remember some people and some feelings. and it's thrilling to recover those moments but there is always this little twitch of craving and melancholie coming up with old long forgotten memories.

i'm so tired of being sorry.
Wo lagert ihr eure liebsten Erinnerungsstücke? Vielleicht auf einem Regal oder ebenfalls in einer kleinen rostigen Kiste? Oder versucht ihr alles möglichst schnell zu vergessen?


  1. Echt schöne Bilder !!:)

  2. wow die bilder sind ehct schön;)

    hast du lust bei unserer blogvorstellung mitzumachen? ♥

    1. hallo und vielen dank.
      und ja das würde ich gerne. ich habe so etwas nur noch nie gemacht also sagt mir einfach was zu tun ist und ich machs. (:
      Liebste Grüße